Kenwood DMF-7020

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Kenwood DMF-7020
Intro: 1/1999

In: line, optical, coax X 2. Out: line, headphone, optical, coax440w x 125h x 373d mm, 9.7Kg

Features: ATRAC 4.5. 24bit precision recording and playback (24bit D.R.I.V.E) (20bit ADC, 24bit DAC). Digital REC volume control. CD-Text recording possible with Kenwood SL-16 CD player. "Quick-move" allows new track order to be set in one step. Seperately available "Cyber Titler" CT-G90 (¥32,000) for title input and label printing. Track divide rehearsal mode. Auto-pause mode (play one track and pause). "Preset title" function for reusing same title on multiple tracks. Mono recording. Remote with "direct title input".

Links: Kenwood page for unit.

Specs: SNR: > 110dB, Dynamic Range: 95dB, Freq. Resp. 8-20,000Hz


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