Sony MZ-S1

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Still from publicity film shows mockup with "MZ-0000" badging
(note orange gaskets) (1024x768)
Backlight (1024x768)
Compared to MZ-R900 (1024x768)
Photos: M. Wiley, IGN (1024x768)
Sony Feature Comparison Chart
Sony MZ-S1"Sports" portable NetMD recorder
Intro: 4/2002
IN: line/optical, no mic input, no remote jack, DATA: USB (mini-B), OUT: headphones, DC IN: 3V97.3 x 104 x 40mm, 215g body only (3.5" x 4" x 1.5", 7.5oz)

Features: First "Sports" Minidisc portable. Second (after the MZ-1) Sony MD recorder to incorporate backlit LCD on main unit (amber backlight). No remote; "one-thumb" joystick control on top of unit. "Buckle"-design case latch for improved ruggedness. Bright reflective surface (presumably to reduce solar heating and make finding a dropped one easier). Sony states "Splash Proof Water-Resistant(1) Design with high-impact plastic housing is designed for outdoor fun, with rubber gaskets, bushings, and waterproof seals that help keep out water, moisture, and dirt" but clarifies "Not meant to be immersed in or come into continuous contact with water". No Mic input, no remote jack.


Included Accessories: AC Adaptor, Headphones, Handstrap

Manufacturer's Features List:

  • Easy One Hand Joystick Operation
  • Backlit LCD Display
  • Splash Proof Water Resistant(1) Design
    (1) Not meant to be immersed in or come into continuous contact with water.
  • Reflective Hand Strap Supplied
  • Reflective Casing And Rugged Buckle Mechanism
  • G-Protection(tm)
  • Up To 54 Hours Playback Using One "AA" Battery (LP4 Mode)
  • Internal Battery Compartment Holds 1 "AA" Type Battery
  • "Easy Skip" Group/Folder Function
  • Plays Back In ATRAC3(tm) [and ATRAC. -eaw], Supports Multiple Internet Audio Formats (MP3, WMA, WAV)
  • New NetMD Simple Burner Quick Rip CD Dubbing Application (Supplied) allows you to swiftly and easily dub music tracks from your CDs directly to the NetMD Walkman with no need to store files or manage music on the hard drive
  • Compatible With Windows(r) 98/98SE/2000/Me/XP Operating Systems
  • Music Management Software Supplied
  • Ability To Record From Multiple Sources (PC, Portable CD, Home CD Unit, Radio)
  • MDLP Long Time Stereo Recording And Playback (Up To 320 Minutes/Over 5 Hours Of Music) On One 80 Minute Disc (LP4 Mode)
  • Digital Mega Bass(r) Sound System
  • Remaining Recording/Playback And Battery Time Indication On Unit LCD
  • Multiple Playback Modes, Normal - all repeat, 1 track, 1 track repeat shuffle, shuffle repeat, program, program repeat; Group - all repeat in a group, 1 track in a group, 1 track repeat in a group, shuffle in a group, shuffle repeat in a group, program 1 in a group, program repeat in a group; or lets you play through a MiniDisc from start to end.


User Manual: MZ-S1

Service Manual: MZ-S1

Battery LifePlayRecord
AA x 140/49/54 hr9/13/16 hr

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