Sony MZ-B10

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Sony MZ-B10"business" MDLP recorder
Intro: 2/2003
Street: ¥ 20,400
In: line/optical, mic. Out: headphones, DC IN: 3VDC118.2 x 24.0 x 75.4mm, 150g (body only), 190g w/batt.


  • MDLP Support (but not NetMD)
  • Large LCD shows both elapsed and remaining time.
  • ATRAC DSP Type-S.
  • Button layout resembling portable tape recorders, to ease use by first-timers.
  • Digital pitch control allows slow or fast playback without change of pitch (useful for e.g. language learning or reviewing a lecture).
  • Twin Speakers
  • Automatic Time Track (inserts track mark automatically at regular intervals).
  • Built-In Monaural Microphone
  • Voice Mirror (blinks LED as voice signal occurs, assuring the functioning of microphone and recorder).
  • Hand Strap
  • Carrying Pouch


Included Accessories: In-ear headphones, carrying pouch, AA cell, handstrap

Specs: Headphone amp: 5mW+5mW, Speaker amp (mono): 140mW (70mW x 2)


User Manuals: MZ-B10, J

Service Manual: MZ-B10

Battery LifePlayRecord
AA x 240 hr24 hr

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