Sony MZ-R37

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surface scans (989x1352)
Sony MZ-R37Portable Recorder
Intro: 3/1999
MSRP $300
IN: mic, line/optical. OUT: line, headphones. DC IN 4.5V116.8 x 18.5 x 86.1mm, 160g (body only)

Features: ATRAC 4.0 (IC: 2652AR) Sony's first "cost reduced" portable recorder (apparently for US and European release only). Unit is of ca. MZ-R55 generation but slightly larger than MZ-R50. 40 second shock memory. Editing and titling functions available on remote. Unit includes 2 rechargeable (AA size) NiCad batteries [MZ-R37SP version comes without batteries or AC adapter], but can also run on Alkaline cells. Synchro start recording, sampling rate converter. Difference to MZ-R55: no microphone sensitivity setting, no "erase" button ("delete" function appears under edit menu), and no date and time stamp. Included remote has no LCD, but MZ-R55 [LCD equipped] remote works properly with it, including backlight function.

Variants: MZ-R37PCIF version is the same base MZ-R37 unit bundled with a USB to analog line-out interface adapter (reportedly made by Xitel), allowing easy recording from a PC. MZ-R37SP ("Self-Powered"?) version was released a year after the initial version, it ships without the AC adapter, and Sony quotes slightly longer battery life figures for it.

Links: Sony Japan's MZ-R37 tourist model page. A Sony announcement stating that the MZ-E33 player and the MZ-R37 recorder will be released in the US in February. PASS (UK) makes an oversized wired-remote button box for this unit. MiniDiscussion has collected user reviews for this unit.

Specs: Freq. Resp: 20-20kHz +/-3dB


User Manuals: MZ-R37, MZ-R37SP

Service Manuals: 1.3, 1.4

Battery Life for MZ-R37PlayRecordRecharge
NiCd (NC-AA) X 25 hr3 hr
AA x 213 hr5.5 hr
Battery Life for MZ-R37SPPlayRecordRecharge
NiMH WMAA X 211.5 hr8 hr
AA x 215.5 hr-- hr

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