Sony MZ-NF810

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Photo: AV Watch (Japan)
Sony MZ-NF810portable NetMD recorder
Intro: 04/2003
In: mic, line/optical. Data: USB. Out: headphones81w x 74.4h x 20d mm, 108g body only

Features: Unit appears to be an MZ-N710 with a radio tuner remote, but like the MZ-R700/MZ-G750 duo, most likely incorporates changes to the main circuit board to accomodate the radio remote.

  • NetMD Recorder with AM/FM/TV/Weather radio incorporated into LCD remote
  • Bookmark track function
  • Six Band equalizer and Virtual Phone Technology (see Sony glossary).
  • "Quick mode" (allows user to optionally trade battery life for faster queuing and FF/REW speeds).

Markets: N. America (where unit is dubbed MZ-NF810CK and equipped with a Car Kit), UK, (Europe?, Japan?)

Included Accessories: USB cable, OpenMG v2.2(?), SonicStage1.5, Charge stand, AM/FM radio equipped LCD remote, Headphones, NiMH cell (part# NH-10WM, lower capacity than Sony's heretofor supplied NH-14WM), battery case, AC adapter, optical cable, "Car Kit" (including cassette adapter and Remote Commander (in-car mountable remote))


Reader Comments: The LCD remote is un-backlit, bulky, and inferior to the RM-MC11EL that came with the MZ-R900. The worst part is that the "radio on" button (which turns off the MD and switches on the radio) is right on the top, so it is easy to push by mistake with your thumb when trying to use the other buttons. -Wing Durestos

Specs: 5mW+5mW headphone amp


User Manual: MZ-NF810

Service Manual: MZ-NF810

Battery LifePlayRecordRadioRecharge
(user manual specs)
17/21/23.5 hr7/9/12 hr9(FM)/9(TV/Weather)3.5 hr
AA x 138/44/50.512/15/18.518.5(FM)/17(TV/Weather)
(user manual specs)
57/66.5/73.5 hr22/30/35 hr29(FM)/23(TV/Weather)
(press release specs [NH-14WM?])
19.5/23/27 hr7.5/9.5/13 hr3.5 hr
(press release specs)
63/70/85 hr26/34/41 hr

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