Sony DHC-MD99

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Sony DHC-MD99Audio System w/ 5 MD changer
Intro: 1
MSRP ¥186,000
235+280+280+235w x 460h x 355d 34.0Kg

Features: Can record 5 CDs to 5 MDs or duplicate 1 CD to 5 MDs automatically. Timer recording can record different radio programs to different MDs. ``Slump down'' control panel for horizontal or vertical use.
General: DSP, Surround, Dolby Surround, Surround speaker output terminals, Center speaker output terminal, Bass boost: low/middle/high. 7 Band equalizer, Mic. input, Remote control. CD Section: Program edit, Disk memo, Optical digital out (2), 5 Disc changer, loop play, CD text (display only handles English characters and numerals). MD Section: 5 disc changer, Sampling rate converter, optical digital input (2), can use RM-D10P keyboard remote, Disk memo copy (100), air check memo (records station name from tuner), time machine recording, smart space, undo function. Timer Section: Timer modes: onceX1, dailyX1, recX5. Speaker Section: 4 way 5 unit, bass reflex.

Specs: Amp: Front: 75W+75W, Rear: 10W+10W, Center: 30W


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