Sony DHC-MD717

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Sony DHC-MD717MD bookshelf system
Intro: 9/1997
MSRP ¥120,000
input: line, optical x 3. out: line, headphoneMD deck: 28090350mm, 2.8kg

Features: Incorporates 3-CD changer, 3-MD changer, amp, tuner and speakers. Hybrid pulse D/A. Continuous play from 3CDs and 3MDs is possible. 3CDs can be recorded directly onto 3MDs, or select tracks from the 3CDs recorded onto multiple MDs, or 3CD singles can be recorded 1 track each onto an MD. Will keep track of remaining time when recording to multiple MDs to avoid cutting a song (song is automatically placed on the next MD). Sampling rate converter. Continuous recording over 3MDs allows long recording from tuner. Equipped with 3 timer recording modes. Timer recording of up to 3 radio programs is possible. Mono recording available. CD deck has CD-Text display.

Remote: ``Interactive remote control system'': An optional full featured pen-touch 256x200 dot LCD remote (RM-IA9K, available separately for ¥32,000) displays system information as well as MD/CD-TEXT tracks and titles. The remote displays a "soft keyboard" for titling by stylus, as well as a jog dial to allow songs to be selected by a ``title search'' function. Allows kanji and hiragana input (recording titling info in JIS1/2 to sector 4). 1MB of onboard memory allows disk and track names for up to 100 CDs to be saved. Remote has two parts: Remote control: RM-IA9 (160x40x111mm) and signalling unit: TMR-IA9 (124x30x90mm). The remote uses 4 AA cells, the signalling unit uses a 6V AC/DC adapter.

Links: Sony's Japanese page for this unit.

Specs: Japanese domestic tuner: FM: 76-90MHz, AM: 531-1602kHz. 3-way speakers (17cm woofer, 5cm cone tweeter, 2cm dome super tweeter).


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