Sony MDS-E52

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Sony MDS-E52Pro use MD Deck
Intro: 1
1,200 DM
IN: line (unbal. 2xRCA/phono + bal. 2xXLR), optical SPDIF, coaxial SPDIF. OUT: (unbal. RCA/phono + bal. XLR)., optical SPDIF, coaxial SPDIF, 1/4" stereo headphones. Serial: RS-232C, Control-S (for wired remote).2U standard 19" rack-mountable

Features: The MDS-E52 supercedes the MDS-E55. XLR output level is switchable between -10dBu & +4dBu nominal level. PC control - RS-232C serial port makes the MDS-E52 controllable from a personal computer or radio automation system. IR Remote control (Wired remote also available). Auto pause. Recording functions including CD Sync, Music Sync and Time-machine recording

Links: Sony UK dealer Total Audio's MDS-E11 page has free RS-232 control software for the MDS-E52 that allows track titling, playlists, remote control, etc.

Specs: Frequency Response: 5 - 20,000 Hz *0.3 dB; Dynamic Range: Digital, 97 dB / analog, 92 dB; S/N Ratio: Digital, 96 dB / analog, 92 dB;


User Manual: MDS-E52

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