Sony MDS-E12


All, MDS-E12, E58, E52, DRE1, SRP-MD1, MDS-B5/B6P, E10, E11, E55, B3/B4P

Sony MDS-E12rack-mount pro MD Deck
Intro: 10/2000
OUT: XLR, SPDIF coax, phones
482 x 44 x 290mm, 3.5kg

Features: Nearly identical feature set to MDS-E10, but adds: parallel and serial (RS232) remote interface, relay-play/relay-record (record/playback that can continue on an additional MDS-E12), unique "Auto Calender" function that appends current date and time to the track name, and analog XLR I/O. E10 has optical I/O, which E12 lacks. 1U package size. ATRAC Type-R, MDLP capable, VARISPEED function (+/-12.5%), PS/2 keyboard connector, "Hot Start" can be set for up to 10 tracks, SPDIF digital I/O has digital record level trim & Scale Factor edit, balanced analogue XLR I/O (+4 / -10dBu switchable), improved editing functions with RAM EDIT (allows editing in-memory copy of MD-TOC without updating disc, useful for working with pre-recorded and write-protected discs) and A-B ERASE, "Auto Cue / Auto Pause" (with front panel control), RS-232 & Parallel remote control (with fader start), next track reserve & end of track (EOT) warning, real time clock, multifunction display. Includes remote control RM-DR1J and rack-mounting metal fittings.

Links: Sony's official Japanese page for the MDS-E12, on the page are links to feature and spec comparison charts. Total Audio Solutions (UK) has detailed specs on the MDS-E12. A Sony flyer has short descriptions for several MD units, including the MDS-E12.

Specs: 120/230VAC 50/60Hz, 18W. Dynamic range: digital 100dB, analog 98dB. S/N ratio: digital 100dB, analog 98dB.


User Manual: MDS-E12

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