Sony MDS-B5/B6P

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Sony MDS-B5
Sony MDS-B6P
Professional MiniDisc Recorder/Player
Intro: 8/1997
MSRP: US$3700, Street: US$2950
Digital i/o: AES/EBU + SPDIF coax. Analog i/o: AES (balanced) + RCA phono, headphone out. Computer i/o: serial rs232 D-sub 9, parallel D-sub 26. ATRAC direct duplication link: (in/out) D-sub 25.212 x 139 x 375mm, 5kg


  • Dual ATRAC chips (IC CXD2536CR: ATRAC 3.5 -- Pre-MDLP) [See p. 51 of service manual]
  • Two units cabled together can perform high speed (4X) disc cloning, including both audio and text, with no ATRAC generation loss.
  • Large RAM buffer offers up to 10 selectable instant start tracks, triggerable from PC keyboard, GPI or via RS-232C interface.
  • Front panel PC keyboard interface with 2 keyboard overlays included with machine.
  • Playlist can be stored on disc.
  • Front panel access to AUTO PAUSE and AUTO CUE.
  • Easy editing includes adjustable rehearsal mode, head and end trim features.
  • EOM (End of Message) function can be set to occur between 1 and 35 seconds before the end of a track.
  • 19-inch rack mountable; up to two units can be mounted side by side in a 19-inch standard rack.
  • Hours meter for maintenance scheduling.
  • Quick Recording Capability - quickly searches to a point on the disc where no audio signal is recorded, and begins recording.
  • Supplied remote controller enables user to enter data such as track titles onto a disc.
  • Provides quick editing capability by either rewriting the TOC (Table of Contents) area of the disc or editing in RAM.
  • +/-12% variable playback speed control.
  • A pro-use machine fully controllable through an RS-232 interface.



User Manuals: MDS-B5, MDS-B6P

Service Manuals: MDS-B5, MDS-B6P

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