Sony MDS-E10

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Sony MDS-E10professional rack-mount MD deck
Intro: 2
IN: analog, SPDIF and optical digital
OUT: headphones, analog, SPDIF coax and optical digital
482 (W) x 44 (H) x 290 (D) mm, 3.3 kg

Features: Rack-mountable MD recorder. Fits into one rack slot. MDLP support, 10 programmable Hot Starts, auto cue, auto pause, variable speed ( 12.5% ), PC keyboard input, wired remote, digital record level trim, multifunction display, editing functions including RAM EDIT (allows editing in-memory copy of MD-TOC without updating disc, useful for working with pre-recorded and write-protected discs) and A-B ERASE.

Links: Sony's Japanese page for the unit, on the page are links to spec comparison tables. Minidisco has a page outlining the specs of the Sony MDS-E10. User submitted scan of a product brief for the MDS-E10, E12, and MZ-B50.

Specs: Frequency Response: 5 - 20,000 Hz, Dynamic Range: Digital -100 dB Analog- 98 dB, S/N Ratio: Digital -100 dB Analog- 98 dB, Wow and Flutter: Below Measurable Limit, Power Requirement: 120 VAC.


User Manual: MDS-E10

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