Aiwa AMD-50


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Aiwa AMD-50Portable MD player
Intro: 1/1993 (? guess)
MSRP $599, Street $179 (1998)
headphones, DC in: 6v84.4x26.1x110.1mm, 294g w/batt

Features: Reportedly a clone of the Sharp MD-S10. ATRAC 1(?) 3 second shock memory. One step bass boost. PLSS (personal listening setting) changes sound so that headphone noise does not disturb others. Opens with button, not slide. Remote displays: track number, play mode (random, repeat), bass boost, PLSS, battery empty. Rechargeable 4.8v (NiCad?) battery life: pre-recorded MD: 100 minutes, recordable MD: 90 minutes. AC adapter can charge battery and operate the unit simultaneously. Full charge: 5 hours. Button press confirmation beep may be toggled by holding the DSL/PLSS button for 3 seconds while in playback or stop mode. Pushing the play button repeatedly toggles the play mode (normal, repeat, random).

Specs: THD: 0.07%, Headphone amp: 15mw+15mw


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