Aiwa AM-HX3

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Aiwa AM-HX3Portable MD Player
Intro: 9/1998
Headphones97 x 77.6 x 21.6mm, 178g (main unit), 208g w/battery

Features: Jog dial for track selection, double speed playback mode, backlit remote. Program (up to 25 tracks), repeat 1, repeat all, and shuffle play modes. Silicon rubber cushions on ear caps for better fit and bass reproduction. 1 bit D/A. Battery life: Rechargeable LiIon: 7 hr, AAx3: 19 hr, both: 26 hr. Recharge time: 2hr.

Links: Aiwa's English page for the unit. Japan Direct's clear photos of the unit.

Specs: Headphone amp: 10mW+10mW


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