Aiwa AM-R10

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Aiwa AM-R10Portable MD/AM/FM player
Intro: 9/1998
MSRP ¥34,800
OUT: headphones80.9 x 97,8 x 26.4mm, 225g (main body), 255g w/battery

Features: Built in AM/FM/TV tuner (Euro/US models [do they exist?] have world band AM/FM tuners). Backlit remote, jog dial for track or radio station selection. Double speed playback option.

Tips: To set the radio's tuning band (Japan, Europe, US) try these steps: 1) Press ENTER. Within one second jog + on the TUNING jog shuttle. 2) Press PRESET + or - key to cycle through JPN,USA,EU. 3) Press ENTER to lock in your choice. [from [email protected]]

Links: Aiwa's English page for the unit.

Specs: Headphone amp: 10mW+10mW


Battery LifePlayRadio
LiIon11 hr7 hr
AA x 333 hr19 hr
Both45 hr26 hr

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