Aiwa AM-HX50

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Aiwa AM-HX50portable MD player
Intro: 7/1999
headphone out71.6mm wide x 14.2mm high x 78.5mm

Features: Was smallest, lightest portable player with longest battery life for a short period of time (July 1999). Display of both the disc name and track number on the remote, programmable playback, backlit LCD remote control, 40-second skip preventing memory, alarm function,

Links: Aiwa's English page for this unit. Dave Bell has made a Aiwa AM-HX50 review. Ian McFarlane has made a review of the Aiwa AM-HX50 player. HiFi Choice magazine (UK) has a review.

Specs: Frequency range of 20 - 20,000Hz, 1dB (with 10 ohm load), headphone output 8mW per channel (load impedance 16 ohms),


Battery LifePlayRecharge
Nickel-hydrogen19 hrs70 min
AA x 127 hrs
Both50 hrs

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