Sharp SD-NX10

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Sharp SD-NX10MD mini system
Intro: 11/2000
MSRP: ¥110,000, US$1800
IN: analog, optical
OUT: analog, headphones
unit: 160(W) X 210(H) X 136(D ) mm, 3.5kg
speaker: 187(W) X 423(H) X 200(D) mm, 3.7kg

Features: CD/MD/Tuner. MDLP, 2X CD-to-MD dubbing speed (SP mode only), amplifier and transformer sections are housed separately, 4-mode multicolor display, 1-bit amplifier samples signals at 2.8 million times per second (64 times that of CD sampling), timer/clock, X-BASS boost.


Specs: 50W (25W+25W) output, 3cm tweeters and 10cm woofers, 6 ohms, world-band FM radio (76-108MHz), 100VAC.


User Manual: SD-NX10

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