Sharp MD-MX20/MX30

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Sharp MD-MX20
Sharp MD-MX30
MD bookshelf system
Intro: 2/2001

IN: aux
OUT: headphones
main unit: 215 x 344 x 162 mm, 4.4kg
speaker: 160 x 233.5 x 280 mm, 2kg

Features: CD/MD/Tuner. 40-station FM preset memory, 2X CD-to-MD dubbing speed, surround sound emulation mode.

Links: Sharp's official English page for the MD-MX20 and page for the MD-MX30 (also see technical specs).

Specs: 10W x 2 for the MD-MX30, 6W x 2 for the MD-MX20. Units have different variations for different areas of the world: MD-MX20 for North America/Mexico, MD-MX20H for Europe, MD-MX20W for Asia/Oceania/Middle East/Africa.


User Manuals: MD-MX20, quick guide, MD-MX30, quick guide

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