Sharp MD-M3

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Sharp MD-M3MD bookshelf system
Intro: 9
in: digital, analog
out: analog
unit: 6 5/16"(W) x 9.5"(H) x 11 13/16(D)
speaker: 6 5/16"(W) x 9.5"(H) x 7 7/8"(D)

Features: CD to MD High Speed Dubbing (2x), MD player/recorder with full editing functions, Multi Function Fluorescent Display, AM/FM digital tuner with 40 station preset memory, CD to MD One Touch Synchro Dubbing System, X-Bass and 3-mode preset equalizer, 2-way Speaker System with removable grills, Full function remote control.

Links: Minidisco has information on this unit. Planet MiniDisc also has information on this unit. Ian McFarlane posts a review of the Sharp MD-M3, a CD/MD bookshelf system with 2X dubbing capability.

Specs: 16 watts per channel, Frequency Range: FM: 87.5 - 108 mHz, AM: 530-1720 kHz, 16 W min RMS per channel, 4 ohms from 80Hz to 20kHz with no more than 10% THD, AC 120V.


User Manual: MD-M3

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