Sharp MD-M1

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All, SD-CX9, MD-E9000, MX20/MX30, SD-FX1, NX10, CX1, MD-X7, X5, X8PC, XL10, X1, M1, M3, X60, X10, M2, C2, MX10, X3

Sharp MD-M1MD bookshelf system
Intro: 9

in: line
out: speakers, headphone
main: 160 x 240 x 300mm, 4.4 kg
speaker: 260 x 240 x 300mm, 1.8kg each

Features: Top load CD, Slot load MD. One-touch digital recording from CD to MD. 3-mode preprogrammed graphic equalizer. FM/AM synthesizer tuner with 40-station preset memory. 2-way speakers. Remote control.

Links: Sharp Japan's English page for this unit.


User Manual: MD-M1

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