Sharp MD-DR470/DR480/DR7

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Photos: Mike Sloan
Photos: Tina Ryan
Sharp MD-DR7
Sharp MD-DR470
Sharp MD-DR480
portable MD recorder
Intro: 12/2002
In: mic, line, optical. Out: headphones/line, DC IN: 1.2VDC-5.0VDC78.9 x 17.8 x 71.9mm, 140g (w/batt), 115g (body only)


  • Trace-back recording (formerly only available on MD decks) stores 5, 10 or 30 (user selectable) seconds of audio in memory while in REC-PAUSE state; when the user presses REC, recording actually begins 5, 10 or 30 seconds prior to the button press.
  • Record breaking battery life: 120 hour playback, 64 hour recording.
  • World's first MD recorder with 1-bit digital amplifier (uses 4 conductor headphone plug and jack).
  • MDLP support (but not NetMD).
  • "Favorite Playback" allows selection of up to 10 favorite tracks that are played when in Favorite Playback mode. These tracks are remembered for up to 9 different MDs in the recorder's memory.
  • Playback Speed control in 5 steps: -30%, -20%, 10%, +5%, +15%
  • First Sharp recorder with Treble control. Bass boost functions as it did on previous units, but treble adjustment is now available (in 5 steps: -2, -1, 0, +1, +2) after bass setting is selected.
  • Equipped with a charging stand.
  • Alarm timer from 1 to 99 minutes (to avoid missing train stops).
  • New group mode function starts a new group when group button is pressed during mic recording.
  • Backlit LCD remote.
  • Microphone sensitvity setting (HIGH/LOW) incorporated into recording level control.
  • Available in Silver, blue and pink.
  • In common with all modern Sharp portable recorders:
    • Synchro recording for digital and analog (LINE/MIC) sources.
    • Character Stamp (Sharp feature since MD-MS200 that provides quick title text transfer from original to newly recorded disc)
    • Recording level control may be adjusted while recording is underway.
    • No automatic recording level setting.

Variants: Unit is badged "MD-DR480" in Singapore (Asia?). Euro variant is sold without charging cradle as the MD-DR470. Discussion of variants



Accessories: Backlit LCD remote, Headphone, NiMH battery, AC adaptor (auto-sensing 110-240AC in Asia), externally attachable AA drycell case, Charge stand, Manual. In Europe: optical cable (TOSlink to 3.5mm), analog cable (RCA to 3.5mm), carrying case. MD-DR480 (Asia): additonal ear buds (as well as headphones), AD-USB1 analog PC-Link (USB->analog) adapter, optical cable (TOSlink to 3.5mm), analog cable (RCA to 3.5mm) 4-Pole ->3-Pole conversion cable.


  • Output: Headphone: 8mW+8mW (32 ohms, RMS), Line 250mV (10Kohms)
  • Input sensitivity: MIC H: 0.25mV (10kohms), MIC L: 2.5mV (10kohms), LINE: 100mV (20kohms).

User Manual: MD-DR7

Battery Life
Remote LCD off, VOL 15
AD-N55BT (1400mAh)
27/35/42 hr10.5/15/22 hrFull: 5.5 hr, 90%: 3.5 hr
AA x 141/59/71 hr13/22/38 hr
Both72/100/120 hr28/43/64 hr

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