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【28 November 】
New product preview

DVD audio conference holding

Chapter of DVD media price investigation Akihabara

Sharp is MD recorder equipped with "Mobility one bit".

Rio S Series equipped with (*sonikkuburuu*) and SD/MMC slot

Melco is 17 type with built-in TV tuner wide liquid crystal display of 98,000 yen.

(*saraundoshisutem*) for plasma of pioneer and 254 speakers

Onerous service by which Japanese digital home electric appliances and old (*rokurak*) are made (*rokurak*) II

Mitsubishi is DLP data projector equipped with new DMD chip adoption DCDi.

Audio Technica is a headphone for AV of 3.5m in code length.

The renewal of (*rojitekk*) and not linear edit machine “Videowing Pro".

The improvement data for (*kanohpus*) and "MTV series" is opened to the public.

"List on DVD sale day" Update information November 27

Limitation campaign list of DVD period

【27 November 】
Weekly of 信良(unknown word) Kodera Electric Zooma.

Melco is TV capture unit of the USB2.0 correspondence.

LSI systems, the FPGA1 chip, and the MPEG-2 decoder corresponding to HD.

DVD-R/RW drive for four time (*rojitekk*) and 30,800 yen velocity

DVD±R/RW drive of USB2.0/IEEE1394 car correspondence to Melco

Remote control for (*pikusera*) and TV capture product “Capty"

Mitsubishi (*mate*), Samsung SDI, and low-cost PDP barrier rib formation process

The guaranteed term of nine models such as AV amplifiers is extended in two years in (*denon*) and December.

Up-grade service of pioneer and AV amplifier “VSA-AX10"

"Ultra-man DVD stamp rally" by which HMV and limitation (*sofubi*) are sold

"List on DVD sale day" Update information November 26

【26 November 】
Weekly purchase とけ(unknown word) ! DVD

Video clip automatic making software of P&A and easy operation

(*shiigurand*) and cassette type MP3 player's 192MB models

JRIA and the record media world demand forecast are announced.

Victor Company of Japan, Ltd. is DVD-RW media three products for recording for the twice velocity.

Cradle only for (*kuest*) and iPod “iPod Dock"

Japan TI is D/A converter for the high-end audio.

Sony renews MPEG Encoder equipped with bio- HS.

"List on DVD sale day" Update information November 25

【25 November 】
Weekly of Takeshi Fujimoto Digital Audio Laboratory

CD player for MP3/WMA of (*adotekk*) and mirror side finish

AV control center with (*akyufeiz*) and automatic level adjustment

(*buenabisuta*) and "What has man eaten?" are made DVD.

(*buenabisuta*) and DVD "おもひ(unknown word) and ぽろぽろ(unknown word)" is put on the market on March 7.

Campaign put together on HMV "Godzilla × mechanism Godzilla" opening to the public

Sale discontinuance of sports body model of (*adotekk*) and “MPIO"

Super-price campaign of the 20th century of FOX and war movie

Common format “MPV" of OSTA and the multimedia title is announced.

Video encoder for Too and Mac “cleaner6 for Mac"

A new company which operates atom and iEPG site “ONTV JAPAN" is established.

AV Watch access ranking

"List on DVD sale day" Update information November 22

【 Watch article retrieval 】

Sharp is MD recorder equipped with "Mobility one bit".
-The reproduction for 120 hours at most in the world is achieved, and four pole plug is adopted.

Sale on December 10

Standard price:37,000 yen

Where to make contact:This setting sun clinic
East Japan clinic

The Sharp Ltd. puts portable MD recorder “MD-DR7" equipped with mobility one bit digital amplifier on the market on December 10. The price is 37,000 yen. Silver (-S), blue (-A), and pink (-P) are prepared as a color variation.

New product of audio "Auvi ((*aubi*))" series equipped with one bit digital amplifier. [It] corresponds to the recording and the reproduction of MDLP. In externals size, 78.9×71.9×17.8mm(width × interior taking × height), and weight is about 115g(Only the main body :). The liquid crystal remote control and the charge stand, etc. are attached.

*** The feature adopted "Mobility one bit digital amplifier" for the first time as 録(unknown word) machine <again> following machine “MD-DS8" only for the reproduction of the sale in September. It is assumed that the speed and the smoothness of standing up of the sound are reproduced in the high quality with one bit digital amplifier, and the tone quality deterioration is extremely little. The ATRAC decoder is 24bit.

A right and left sound is adopted as well as MD-DS8, and moreover, [it] complete separates and four pole (*puraguheddofon*) to make (*S) become independent is adopted. Optional open air type headphone “HP-MD1" (3,300 yen) besides an inner unpleasant headphone of the attachment can be used.

The battery is a nickel hydrogen charge pond, and using with the AA battery case with the attachment together is also possible. About 120 hours and the recording time for about 64 hours (LP4 o'clock both) at the reproduction time when the attached charge pond is used together with in the case of the AA battery. It is assumed that it is the longest in the world in this company. The charge time for about 3.5 hours.

When the recording is stopped temporarily, "Trace backing recording" by which the recording source is temporarily recorded in the main body memory is installed. The 録り(unknown word) delay when the recording beginning is delayed can be prevented. The memory time can specify for 5/10/30 seconds, and is both the microphone recording and the line recording possible. Moreover, when the microphone is recorded, "Group improvement recording" for which the group is made with one button can be used.

Additionally, a microphone synchronized, a monaural twice recording, an auto time mark, and the digital recording level control, etc. are equipped as a recording function. The input terminal is equipped with an optical, digital using combinedly and the line/the microphone (plug Inn power). each of one systemThe output terminal provides with the terminal for the headphone/remote control by one system.

When reproducing, X-BASS of a digital method and the TREBLE adjustment function can be used. It is possible to adjust it in upper and lower each of two stages. Moreover, the reproduction speed is installed and "Introduction reproduction" etc. by which each tune is reproduced automatically by changeable する(unknown word) "Reproduction speed control" and about nine seconds are installed in -30%/-20%/-10%/+5%/+15%.

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【 two September 】 Sharp is player MD equipped with the first one bit digital amplifier.
-The headphone of four pole plug is attached.

(November 28, 2002)

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