Panasonic SJ-SW9MD

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Panasonic SJ-SW9MDPortable player
Intro: 5/1998
MSRP ¥39,800
out: headphones. pwr: DC in 1.5?V79.4x80.0x21.8mm (outer dim: 82.2x81.4x24.1mm), 192g (w/batteries)

Features: Titanium case with rubber protector and buckle lock closure. New headphones with VMSS ("virtual motion sound system") (x-bass like feature). Comes with elastic armband attachment strap. Apparently an evolution of (or internally identical to) SJ-MJ7 design. Battery life: AA alkaline cell: 8hr, NiMH rechargeable: 6hr, both together: 15hr. 15mw+15mw headphone amp. EL backlit LCD on remote. Included accessories: phones, AA cell, AA battery case, NiMH gumpack rechargeable battery, rechargeable battery case, NiMH battery charger, and carrying case.

Links: Panasonic's Japanese page for this unit. A Japanese page covering the Panasonic SJ-SW9MD portable MD player.


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