Panasonic SJ-MJ10

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Panasonic SJ-MJ10portable MD player
Intro: 8/2001

OUT: headphones73.7 x 13.5 x 79.5mm
(max projection: 76.2 x 16.1 x 80.7mm)
63g (90g w/ batt)

Features: World's longest battery life as of Aug 2001 at up to 147 hours using LP4 and and add-on AA battery. MDLP and Group function support. S-XBS bass boost circuit, Up to 160 Seconds anti shock system, Large Two Line Display 12 X 2, FL Backlit Stick LCD Remote with iterchangeable covers, Charging Stand supplied.

Links: Panasonic's original Japanese press release announcing the SJ-MJ10. AV-Land (UK) posts photos and information on the SJ-MJ10.

Specs: 3.5mW+3.5mW output. Dynamic range: 20Hz-20,000Hz (+0dB~-6dB)


User Manual: J/E

Battery Life (SP/LP2/LP4)PlayRecharge
NiMH29/41/48 hr3.5 hr
AA x 155/74/93 hr
Both87/114/147 hr

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