Panasonic SJ-MJ15

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Panasonic SJ-MJ15portable MDLP player
Intro: 9/2002
OUT: headphonesexcl. protrusions: 74.1 x 79.8 x 15.4mm
incl. protrusions: 76.8 x 80.9 x 17.3mm
weight: 99.8g (w/batt), 72.8g (body only)

Features: Mind-blowing 193 hour battery life. LED indicator on body shows SP/LP2/LP4 playback mode. Charging cradle with LED indicator. Backlit "one finger" remote with battery level indicator. "Train" setting to reduce headphone noise that disturbs those nearby on the train. S-XBS (2 step bass boost). 1-track/all-track repeat and shuffle play modes. Intro-scan memory playback (plays first few seconds of each song). Couples to Panasonic "MD Network" components for label printing and [analog] audio transfer. Earbuds constructed with anti-bacterial material. Available in silver, blue, pink and yellow.


Specs: Headphone amp: 3mW+3mW


User Manual: J/E

Battery LifePlayRecharge
NiMH40/53/70 hr3.5 hr
AA x 163/93/121 hr

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