Sharp MD-MT15/MT16/MT20

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Sharp MD-MT15
Sharp MD-MT16
Sharp MD-MT20
Portable MD Recorder
Intro: 6/1999
IN: mic, optical/line. OUT: l ine/headphone87.9x29.8x79.7mm, 235g

Features: Sharp sixth generation ATRAC, 10 second shock memory, clamshell disc loading. Unit is apparently a cost reduced version of the MD-MT821. The MT15 takes Alkaline AA cells and has no remote, the MT20 takes AA rechargeables. Both come in Silver, MT20 version available in blue and gold as well. Sharp USA's MD-MT15 announcement stated this was the world's first MD portable recorder available for under $200.

Getting a Remote: The Sharp MD-MT15 does not include nor has the optional accessory listed for a remote (according to Sharp). It does, however, have support for a remote control (which I can confirm as I have the MT20 remote for the MT15). The remote can be ordered as a replacement part (#RRMCW0001AWSA) for the MD-MT20 and is fully compatible with the MD-MT15. There is no display, just operation of play, pause, fast forward, Bass, etc and can also be used in assisting input of titles. -Brian Teh


Tips: Using the built-in charger for off-the-shelf NiMH batteries: Just take a business card and wrap the batteries with it. You may need to trim the card a little. Insert all three into the battery compartment-the end of the card should be folded into the crease between the two batteries to hit the MT15's rechargeable-battery sensor. -Calum Tsang Trucki has created MD-MT15 Titleaid QBasic software, available from his German site. Trucki's site also shows off some deep hacking of the Sharp MD-MT15 (local English trans) and hacking that uses drill bits and extra connectors (trans).


User Manuals: MD-MT15, MD-MT16, MD-MT20

Service Manual: MD-MT20 remote schematic

Battery LifePlayRecordRecharge
NiMH AA x 2 (i.e. MT20)12 hr7.5 hr4 hr
Alkaline AA x 2 (i.e. MT15)15 hr7.5 hr

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