Sharp MD-MT80/MT90

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MD-MT90 (1050x997)
Sharp MD-MT80
Sharp MD-MT90
portable MD recorder
Intro: 3/2001
IN: line/optical, microphone
OUT: headphones
81.1 (W)x 19.9 (H)x 92.4 (D)mm, 172g w/ batt

Features: Unit is not MDLP compatible. 3-level bass boost. 40 second anti-shock protection, character stamp feature, clamshell design, synchronized recording for digital, analog, and microphone. MD-MT90 comes with non-LCD remote, MD-MT80 comes sans remote.

Links: Sharp UK's official English page for the MD-MT90. Sharp UK has an MD-MT80H page MD21 posts French information on the MD-MT90. An official Sharp press release talks about the upcoming release of the MD-MT877 (an MT77 variant) and the MD-MT90.


User Manuals: MD-MT90, MD-MT80

Battery LifePlayRecordRecharge
NiMH12 hr7 hr3.5 hr
AA x 112 hr3 hr

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