Sharp IM-DR400/DR410/DR420

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IM-DR410 (1280x1051)
IM-DR420 (1280x1114)
Sharp IM-DR400
Sharp IM-DR410
Sharp IM-DR420
portable NetMD recorder
Intro: 09/2003
Street: IM-DR410: €210, IM-DR420: € 230
In: line/optical, (IM-DR420 only: mic). Out: headphones. Data: USB, DC IN: 1.2V, 1.5V, 3V83w x 28h x 76d mm, 140g w/batt, 117g w/o batt


  • A first for Sharp: Automatic (with settable low/high range) and manual recording level control (IM-DR420 only)
  • NetMD downloading at 50x realtime
  • 1-bit digital amp
  • Group mode support
  • Play modes: all, shuffle, all-repeat, shuffle-repeat
  • Digital X-Bass
  • Auto time-mark (3, 5, and 10 minute intervals)
  • Line synchro-start recording (microphone synchro-start recording [i.e. voice activated recording] on IM-DR420)


  • IM-DR400 is non-remote base model.
  • IM-DR410 is apparently identical to IM-DR400 but comes with carrying pouch and optical cable.
  • IM-DR420 differs from DR400 and DR410, adding microphone input (with auto and manual recording level function) and non-LCD remote.

Included Accessories: Both units: 4-pole earphones, 4-pole to 3 pole conversion cable, AC adapter, carrying pouch, optical cable, analog cable (1/8" stereo to RCA x 2), CD-ROM, USB cable. IM-DR420 only: non-LCD remote, NiMH battery (AA formfactor), NiMH case


Specs: Headphone amp: 8mW+8mW, 0.2% THD. Disc RPM: 400-1800 playback, 400-2700 recording


User Manuals: IM-DR400, IM-DR400 Quickstart, IM-DR410, IM-DR410 Quickstart, IM-DR420, IM-DR420 Quickstart, Software Preinstall, BeatJam

Battery LifePlayRecordRecharge
AA formfactor
33/44/51 hr8/13/18 hrfull: 5.4hr, 90%: 3.4 hr
Alkaline AA x 144/62/75 hr4/7/11 hr

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