Pioneer MEH-P717

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Pioneer MEH-P717in-dash MDLP receiver
Intro: 3/2002
In: IP bus. Out: line level: front/rear/subwoofer or high/mid/low, speakers x 4, subwoofer speaker x 1178w x 50h x 162d mm, 1.5Kg


  • Auto-EQ sets equalization by measuring cabin acoustics with test signal and built-in microphone.
  • "MD-auto gain control" adjusts track volumes so that large differences do not occur between tracks.
  • "ASL" (auto-sound-levelizer) detects and compensates for changes in external noise levels, adjusting volume and tone controls in response to the nature of the external noise (tunnel, rain, road surface changes).
  • "Time-alignment" feature uses digital delay line to compensate for driver position, ensuring that wave fronts from each speaker reach driver in synchrony.
  • 3-band parametric equalizer adjustable from -12dB to +12dB.
  • Selectable subwoofer cutoff frequencies (50, 80, 125Hz), slope fixed at -18dB/octave.
  • Graphic display front panel can display one of 2 repeating "adventure" video clips of 5 seconds duration (certain to entertain all who have spent less than 5 minutes in your vehicle).


Specs: Amp: 50Wx4, 70Wx1 (for subwoofer). SNR > 90dB, Dyn. Range > 90dB, FM: 76.1-89.9MHz


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