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Technologies in ATRAC3
ATRAC3 is a newly developed compression technology based on Sony’s proprietary ATRAC(Adaptive TRansform Acoustic Coding). This audio compression technology is supported by MiniDisc. ATRAC3 achieves twice the data compression rate of ATRAC with virtually no loss in sound quality. ATRAC3 can reduce the size of audio data to 1/10 of the original audio source.
Advanced Technologies
Utilizing the characteristics of the human auditory system, sound that is inaudible to the human ear, and data that occurs before and after loud sounds are dropped to reduce data size without losing what’s most important, sound quality.
1. Detailed analysis of inaudible sounds for effective compression
The audio data analyzing resolution is two times higher than that of the ATRAC system.
This allows more effective compression with the least amount of sound quality degradation.
2. Separation of components into two types by form for efficient compression
The original audio spectral waveform is divided in frequency bands and then processed in two different map pattern contours for efficient compression with the least amount of quality degradation.
Sound components
3.  Frequently appearing digital signals patters are replaced with shorter signal patters
In the digital signal sequence of 0 and 1, frequently appearing patterns are replaced with shorter sequences, resulting in a smaller amount of required data and efficient compression.
Digital signal sequence
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