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Technologies in ATRAC3
An ingenious signal analysis method
Simultaneous masking and hearing threshold in the lower audible ranges are used for quantization noise control in the frequency domain
Forward masking and backward masking are used for quantization noise control in the time sequence domain
Removal of data redundancy
Quantized data are efficiently coded applying Entropy Coding
Audio Compression Process
Audio Compression Process
Band division filter
Optimal processing is performed on signals that change over time in each sub-band by splitting input signals into 4 sub-bands.
Quadrature transform
Signal compression is performed with virtually no loss in sound quality by setting the frequency resolution at 21.5Hz. In addition, a smaller area for the transformation and frequency resolution processing is made possible by hybrid processing using the band division filter.
Spectral signal coding
1. Tonal signal isolation
Efficient bit allocation is performed by isolating tonal signals such as that of trumpet or flute sounds, which have signal components that are unevenly distributed throughout certain frequencies.
2. Coding table
Simple coding is achieved with less memory by using a smaller coding table.
Spectral signal coding
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