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New Technologies in ATRAC3plus
Short for “Adaptive TRansform Acoustic Coding 3 plus”, ATRAC3plus is an enhancement of ATRAC3 that incorporates advanced audio compression technology. This new technology analyzes longer periods of audio signals to obtain more precise information of the input signals. This technology also introduces a newly developed algorithm which achieves optimal bit allocation for a wide range of audio signals. As a result, high quality sound is achieved at high compression levels of 1/20 the original sound source.
New Technologies in ATRAC3plus
A technology is used which doubles the compression ratio compared to ATRAC3 without loss in sound quality
Improved compression with minimal loss in sound quality is achieved through the analysis of audio signals in a division of 16 sub-bands.
High quality sound is maintained by enabling concentrated bit allocation to a channel with higher power.
Bit Allocation over 2 Channels
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