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Introduction of service
ATRAC3 and ATRAC3plus
ATRAC3 and ATRAC3plus technologies have been developed specifically for portable sound recording and playback devices that utilize internet music distribution systems. These technologies are designed to realize the transfer of high quality music content over the internet. High-speed compression processing as well as light resource requirements for compression and decoding are utilized to provide the best possible internet audio experience.
Audio Compression Technology
The audio compression technologies used by Sony analyze the digital audio data and reduce the size of this data by applying the latest digital audio technologies.
Advantages of Compression
Compressing audio data makes it possible to:
-Reduce the size of recording media, thereby making compact recorders/players possible.
-Reduce audio data transmission time.

As a result, internet music distribution can be achieved expanding the ways in which you can enjoy music.
reduces the size of audio data to approximately 1/10 of the original source material.
is an enhancement of "ATRAC3" technology and incorporates more advanced audio compression technology. ATRAC3plus achieves high a compression ratio to reduce the size of audio data to approximately 1/20 the original source material.
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