Sony MXD-D5C

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Sony MXD-D5CMD/5CD changer deck
Intro: 9/2000
MSRP ¥79,000
IN: line, optical, PS/2 keyboard
OUT: line, headphone
430x120x395mm, 6.5Kg


  • ATRAC with Type-R DSP (ATRAC IC: CXD-2662R)
  • 5 CD changer. MDLP recording modes
  • Scale Factor edit
  • Can record from CD to MD at 4X realtime in SP mode, or 2X realtime for MDLP recording (If a CD is not in good condition (e.g. scratched, dirty, warped, etc.) and a reading failure occurs the unit will try to record the track once again in the high speed mode. If the second try fails, it will revert to copying the CD at normal speed for the remainder of the CD). (ATRAC Type-R is only available when recording in realtime in non-LP modes from CD to MD)
  • Can display Kanji titled MDs
  • Unit is compatible with PCLK-MN10 PC connection kit
  • A PC keyboard can be connected for titling.



Specs: Dynamic range >97dB, Freq response: 5hz-20kHz +/- .5dB, THD <.005%. Hybrid pulse DAC.

User Manual: MXD-D5C

Service Manual: MXD-D5C

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