Sony MXD-D2

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Sony MXD-D2CD/MD deck
Intro: 12/1998
MSRP ¥74,000
IN: line, optical, coax. OUT: line, optical, headphone.430 x 120 x 290mm, 5.2Kg

Features: Can be coupled to PC with PCLK-PX1 connecting kit to allow operation, editing and recording with PC based GUI editor (also allows Kanji and Hiragana input). (PCLK-PX1 kit is for connecting bookshelf systems and components with the Control-1 interface). Digital recording level control (+/- 12dB). Hybrid pulse D/A, 20 bit delta sigma A/D.

Links: Sony's Japanese announcement of the unit. Andy Cheng's review of this unit.

Specs: Freq. resp: 5-20kHz +/-0.5dB, Dynamic range: >97dB, SNR: > 96dB, THD: <0.005%


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