Sony MXD-D40

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Sony MXD-D40CD/MD combo deck
Intro: 2/2001
IN: optical, coaxial, RCA
OUT: headphones, RCA
430 x 120 x 290 mm, 4.7kg


  • MDLP compatible. Sony ATRAC Type-R (ATRAC Type-R is used only during realtime SP mode dubbing, not for MDLP or high-speed SP mode dubbing).
  • 4X CD-to-MD dubbing speed in SP mode, 2X CD-to-MD dubbing in MDLP mode.
  • 6-second time-shift recording.
  • Scale Factor Edit for digital level adjustment of previously recorded tracks (SF Edit applies to SP mode tracks only).
  • connectable with PC Link Kit (PCLK-MN10A).
  • digital recording level control and memory function.
  • CD-TEXT support.
  • two-line fluorescent display simultaneously displays CD and MD information.
  • playback pitch control.


Specs: Hybrid-Pulse D/A converter, wide bit stream technology.


User Manuals: MXD-D40, MXD-D40

Service Manual: MXD-D40

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