Sony CMT-M333NT

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"Type-S "ATRAC Chip
Sony CMT-M333NTBookshelf NetMD system
Intro: 3/2003
Street: ¥27,000 ~ ¥37,800
In: Line, optical. Out: headphones. Data: USB.


  • NetMD/CD/AM/FM/Cassette bookshelf system.
  • ATRAC Type-S.
  • NetMD downloads at up to 32X.
  • Group mode support.
  • 6-second time machine.
  • Scale Factor Edit.
  • Play modes: shuffle, continue, program (25 track)
  • Repeat modes: 1-track, all.
  • Digital rec-level control
  • Mono-recording mode.
  • Keyboard titling possible with optional RM-D10P/D20P IR remote.
  • Titling from included remote via cell phone alpha input method.
  • Recording sources: CD->MD (digital, 4X speed in SP and LP modes), CD->Cassette, MD<->Cassette (syncho recording possible).
  • Simultaneous CD->MD, CD->Cassette recording.
  • PCLK-MN20 connectable.
  • Timer modes: day timer (daily on/off time), recording timer (unattended recording of several programs, as well as in mono mode), sleep timer (settable in 10 minute steps from 10-90 minutes)
  • In the fine print, the Sony page makes an effort to explain that although ATRAC audio can be downloaded at high speed from a PC (via NetMD), the device cannot be connected to the DAN-Z1, their ATRAC based hard disk equipped bookshelf system.
  • Available in 3 colors.

Included Accessories: Remote (RM-SM100W), USB cable, CD-ROM (SonicStage Ver 1.5)


  • Sony Japan 2003 Bookshelf systems page (shows the unit in various domestic settings).
  • Sony Japan page for the unit

Specs: Amp: 25W+25W, Speakers: 2-way bass reflex, woofer: 100mm cone, tweeter: 25mm cone


User Manual: CMT-M333NT

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