Sharp MD-F1

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Sharp MD-F1MD/CD Boombox
Intro: 11/1997
MSRP ¥58,000
in: optical, line. out: line, headphones434 x 264 (345 w/shield up) x 274mm, 6.2Kg

Features: MD/CD boombox. Fancy ``Electromotive Sealing Panel'' moves to reveal operating controls underneath. One touch CD to MD copying. Easy editing with ``Hyper Track Edit'' function, allows selection of CD tracks to record while listening to them. ``Pole position'' function moves track to desired location after recording(?). ATRAC compression and expansion done with high accuracy 24 bit calculations. Sampling rate converter. Timer recording and wakeup functions (1 operation/day). I/R remote control.

Specs: MD: 20-20kHz (+1/-3dB), FM: 76.0 - 108.0 (world tuner), AM: 522-1629, Speaker: 10cm full range X 2. Amp: 7.5 + 7.5W.

Links: Sharp's Japan Audio Fair '97 page showing pictures of their MD boombox and portable prototypes Sharp's Japanese page for the unit.


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