Panasonic RX-MDX60

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Panasonic RX-MDX60CD/MDLP boombox
Intro: 7/2002
IN: line "P-MD", OUT: headphones405 x 170 x 260mm, 3.8Kg

Features: CD/MDLP boombox. Operation keys grouped together and set in base for ease of use. Main body tilts up vertically from 0 to 15 degrees. 4X CD->MD copying (1-track/all). MD group mode functions. Backlit LCD indicator panel. MD play modes: program play (24 track), repeat (1 track/all track/program/group), random play, 1 group play. CD play modes: program play (24 track), repeat (1 track/all track/program), random play. Tuner displays station names. Clock/timer modes: wakeup timer, sleep timer, timer fader (fade-in only), timer recording, alarm timer/countdown timer. Auto-off function. IR remote. Couples with Panasonic "MD Network" components for label printing and [analog] audio copying.


  • Panasonic page 1 and 2 (mech. trans 1 2).

Specs: Amp: 3W+3W, FM band: 76-90MHz, TV ch. 1, 2, 3, AM: 522-1629kHz, Speaker: 7cm x 2


User Manual: J

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