Panasonic RX-MDX50

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Panasonic RX-MDX50AM/FM/CD/MD boombox (Non-MDLP)
Intro: 6/2001
In: Mic, line. Out: Headphone. Control: P-MD (Panasonic MD-Network)380 x 153 x 218mm, 4kg

Features: Similar to RX-MDX70, but without cassette drive and AA battery power.

  • "Turn-back" recording (time machine recording?)
  • High-speed CD recording (2X?)
  • "MD Title Station" copies titles from second MD unit when connected.
  • CD 1-track recording (records one track and pauses)
  • Auto-CD recording (whole CD recording)
  • Synchro-CD recording
  • Mono-recording
  • MD and CD Play modes: 24 track program play, repeat play (1-track/all-tracks/program), shuffle play.
  • Sound Virtualizer (?)
  • Bass-reflex speaker
  • H.E.S circuit (?)
  • Timer modes: wakeup-timer, sleep-timer, timer-recording, sleep and timer-fade functions.
  • 10 color (?) LCD backlit display.
  • Auto-off
  • Remote-control

Links: Panasonic Japanese page for the unit.

Specs: Japanese band FM (76-90MHz), AM: 522-1629kHz. AC power 23W


User Manual: J

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