Panasonic RX-MDX1


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Panasonic RX-MDX1Desktop MD System
Intro: 3/1997
MSRP ¥59,800
in: line, mixing mic. out: line, headphone540wx145h (230 w/top up) x260d mm, 5.0kg

Features: Radio/MD/CD boombox. Direct CD->MD digital dubbing/editing. "Direct Edit" (individual buttons for common edit functions). Pallet of 2x15 characters (displayed in sets of kana, alphabetics, digits, and symbols) used in combination with jog dial for titling. ``Synchro Title'' feature allows copying of CD titles and station names to MD. ``Cobra-top'' motorized up/down flip-top, cousin of R2D2. Remote included.

Specs: Amp: 5.0w+5.0w, Tuner: FM: 76-90MHz / AM: 522-1629KHz / TV: 1-3, CD player: 1bit MASH D/A converter. Speaker: 8cm cone. Power: 100VAC.

Links: National/Panasonic page for the unit.


User Manual: J

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