Kenwood DMC-Q55

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Kenwood DMC-Q55portable MDLP player
Intro: 10/2002
OUT: headphones72.3w x 14.4h x 78.0d mm (outer dim: 74.0x15.7x78.6mm), 62.6g (86.6g w/batt)

Features: MDLP and group function support. Charging stand (without speakers). Comes with two types of headphones: ear buds and "clip-on" phones. "D-Class" (digital) amplifier employed in DMC-"Q" series units (a full digitization of the audio circuit) reduces distortion and decreases power consumption. "D.P.A.C. (digital pulse axis control) function incorporated for high quality audio playback." Digital sound EQ and 3D effect with two user definable settings. Alarm timer (1-120 minutes), useful for avoiding missed train stops. Sleep timer (1-120 minutes), turns unit off automatically. Repeat, shuffle and intro play modes. "A-B" repeat allows reptition of audio sections up to 40 seconds long (handy for language learning, etc). Backlit LCD remote has 2 lines for displaying [track number and playback time] [disk name] [track name] [group name] [KENWOOD] [playback mode] in various combinations as well as Kanji titles. Selectable (on/off) beep. Differences from DMC-Q77: comes with two kinds of headphones, no speakers in charge stand.


Included Accessories: LCD remote and clip, attachable AA cell holder, NiMH rechargeable battery (w/carrying case), headphones, charge stand, AC adapter, carrying pouch.

Specs: Headphone amp: 4.3mW+4.3mW (into 16 ohms), Charge stand amp: 35mW+35mW (into 6 ohms)


Battery LifePlayRecharge
NiMH40/57/64 hr100%: 2h30m. 3 hours of SP mode playback: 30m
AA x 165/92/102 hr
Both11/159/174 hr

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