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*** A high pitched sound quality reproduction and a variegated function are enhanced the overflowing design of high-level feeling. In addition, a fold type charge stand convenient to carry is put on the market and attached three models of portable MD player are put on the market.

Kenwood Corporation (The president:river beach t˜Y(unknown word) and headquarters:Tokyo Hachiouji City) installs the high pitched sound quality reproduction circuit by which the (*saraund*) reproduction is assumed to be a start in the main body of the design where individuality overflows in novelty by which high-level feeling of aluminum is made the best use of. Newly, "Charge with built-in the speaker stand" by which the fold mechanism is adopted is added to attached portable MD player gDMC-Q77" and the fold type charge stand, two kinds of headphones of the inner type and the ear imposing type are put on the market, and I will put three models of standard model gDMC-Q33" of attached gDMC-Q55" and the fold type charge stand attachment on the market one by one in the end of September.

Name of articles Serial number Hope retail price Sale time The first number of monthly production
Portable MD player
DMC-Q77-S DMC-Q77-L (silver)(blue) DMC-Q77-B (black)
Open price The beginning of October 15,000
DMC-Q55-S DMC-Q55-L (silver)(blue) DMC-Q55-B (black)
Open price The middle of October 20,000
DMC-Q33-W DMC-Q33-P (white)(pink)
Open price The end of September 10,000

DMC-Q77-S (silver)

DMC-Q55-S (silver)
DMC-Q33-W (white)

- Making the product this quality progresses on the other hand with the standardization of correspondence to MDLP and the charge stand, and [it] tends to the decrease in the amount of money base though about 2,500,000 big demand (our company forecast) is expected as for the domestic plan background portable MD player market even in 2002 fiscal year. I will propose new how to enjoy portable MD by the thing assumed to be able to reproduce pursuing the benefit and convenience of "Charge stand" proposed by the model last year and use in in such a situation and our company while a basic performance at the size of the product and the reproduction time, etc. is enhanced, and needing neither the adoption of a fold mechanism convenient to carry nor the AC adaptor newly. Moreover, the aluminum the material is adopted, and lineup of the variation by which the interest etc. of the combination of a different material are uniquely expressed while making the best use of "Genuine feeling and material feeling" aluminum original in both of the three models in the design. High-level feeling in past portable MD without is assumed overflowing novel design finish, and tried to activate ‘i‹(unknown word) doing and a further market centering on portable audio user who has sticking to.

- Main feature
  1. The D-class amplifier (digital amplifier) is installed, the high pitched sound quality reproduction is adopted, and the D-class amplifier (digital amplifier) is adopted in achievement DMC-Q series newly. Full digitalization of the signal between the circuits transmission was achieved. (digital pulse (*akushis*) control) As a result, the decrease and the energy-saving of the tone quality deterioration are aimed at, and D.P.A.C in addition . The function. *** <high pitched sound quality> music the reproduction was achieved by adopting -1.
    ¦1 The function of music information recorded by a digital signal in the field or more sound which reproduces faithfully.

  2. Tune, and tone quality is adjusted, and (*saraund*) function of tone quality adjustment function gDigital SOUND EQ" & (*saraund*) function gDigital3D effect" adopting digital tone quality adjustment function gDigital SOUND EQ" suiting one's taste gDigital3D effect"- bodily sensation ‚΅(unknown word) according to the sound scene expansion processing a wide presence by two can have it. *** (*yuuzahpuriset*) in addition to the pattern which is beforehand and (*saraund*) <the high pitched sound and the bass>. - It is also possible to have the combination of two arbitrarily set.
    ¦2 The (*saraund*) function is a function only of DMC-Q77 and DMC-Q55.

  3. Fold type charge stand attachment with built-in stereo speaker. *** (DMC-Q77) The benefit and convenience of "Charge with built-in the stereo speaker stand" by which the favorable comment is obtained is adopted in model DMC-P55 and "Fold type" <improving> is adopted. Moreover, for about ten hours only in the place where the main body is put even if neither connected code nor the AC adaptor are connected- The reproduction of three can be enabled, and music be had to be enjoyed from use usually to the small travel easily anytime and anywhere.
    ¦3 When SP mode reproduces when attached charge pond is charged full.

  4. *** It is attached <two kinds of headphones which put and are substituted> according to the use scene and feelings. *** (DMC-Q55) It is simply <two kinds of headphone of the inner type and the ear imposing type> attached for high-level feeling DMC-Q55 of the overflowing design. MD can be had to be enjoyed according to feelings on the day and the fashion.
  5. [It] reproduces for about three hours by the charge of about 20 minutes for a quick charge. - [It] corresponds to a quick charge to be able to do four. It can be had to charge it at little intervals such as before going out and it is convenient. Moreover, [it] came to be able to charge with the full charge time in a short time compared with about 2.5 hours and the pasts.
    ¦4 The reproduction time only of the charge pond in the SP mode.

  6. [It] corresponded to the Chinese character display. - Attached remote control achieves thin light remote control of 52-line display correspondence and achieves thin, light, a convenient size for carrying. *** It can be had to apply it at the position of the favorite, (*S) is not made to suffer by remote control, and music can be had to be enjoyed <clip of the attachment> movability. In addition, [it] displays in DMC-Q77 and DMC-Q55 and the remote control of the attachment can display the character input with the equipment like the NetMD model etc. which can input the Chinese character in the Chinese character two-line display by correspondence as it is. The display of two lines can have setting according to the favorite from among gKENWOOD" of "Tune number and reproduction time", "Disk name", "Name of a song", and "Group name" "Reproduction mode".
    ¦5 Only DMC-Q77 and DMC-Q55.

  7. Continuous reproduction of about 174 hours6- (DMC-Q77,DMC-Q55) For about 174 hours by designing the electric power of the ministry- A continuous reproduction of six is achieved. Moreover, only as much as one nickel hydrogen charge pond of the attachment : for about 64 hours. - A continuous reproduction of seven was enabled.
    ¦6 When LP4 reproduces when AA on the market alkali dry battery attached nickel hydrogen charge pond + is used together.
    ¦7 When LP4 reproduces.

  8. Only the part where it was had to set it arbitrarily for 40 seconds or less of "A-B repetition function" when only the part arbitrarily set can be repeatedly reproduced can be repeatedly reproduced. The convenient function which can be reproduced repeating only the part which wants to remember by the language study study and the music study, etc.
  9. Other features

    • For MDLP and group mode
    • Equipped with ‰Ή”ς‚Ρ(unknown word) prevention function gShock-Guard" of 160 seconds or less (LP4 reproduces).
    • "Alarm timer" (for 1-120 minutes) by which train can be prevented being missed
    • When taking a rest, convenient "(*suriiputaimah*)" (for 1-120 minutes)
    • Reproducing "(*rijuum*) function" because [it] stopped.
    • "Auto power off" function that [it] stops and power supply is turned off after a while automatically
    • Various reproduction patterns to be able to have setting by favorite:Random reproduction, repetition reproduction, introduction reproduction (i-GAME), and recording reproduction of monaural length time
    • Convenient "Jet search function" when MDLP reproduces
    • The charge pond remainder amount display (remote control)
    • The beep (ON/OFF can be switched) when operating it.

- Main ratings

Form Mini-disc digital audio system
Signal reading method Non-contact optics reading method (semiconductor laser use)
Sampling rate 44.1kHz
Voice compression method ATRAC/ATRAC3(MDLP)
Frequency characteristic 20Hz`20,000Hz +0`-6dB
(*wau*) (*furattah*) Below measurement limit value
Output terminal Headphone terminal
Practical, maximum output 4.3mW+4.3mW/16ƒΆ(JEITA)
Charge stand 35mW+35mW/6ƒΆ(JEITA)
*** Externals size W~H~D (<projection thing> do not contain it)(mm). 72.3~14.1~78.0 72.3~14.4~78.0
The maximum and externals sizes (JEITA) W~H~D (mm) 74.0~15.2~78.6 74.0~15.7~78.6
Mass (/charge pond contains only the main body). 64.8g/88.8g 62.6g/86.6g 64.3g/88.3g
Battery duration Charge pond (SP/LP2/LP4) 40/57/64 36/52/57
AA on the market alkali dry battery (SP/LP2/LP4) 65/92/102 58/83/91
At using together 111/159/174 100/144/158
Charge time For about 2.5 hours
Attached goods Dry battery case with liquid crystal remote control, inner unpleasant headphone, ear imposing type headphone (Only DMC-Q55 is attached together with an inner unpleasant headphone), remote control clip, nickel hydrogen charge pond (NB-14), the charge stand, the AC adaptor, (*batteriikyaringukeis*), and the outside and (*kyaringukeis*).
Option Nickel hydrogen charge pond:Car cassette of NB-14 hope retail price 2,200 yen (1 and excluding tax is being put on the market) adaptor:CAC-2 hope retail price 3,800 yen (Excluding tax is being put on the market).

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