Kenwood is portable MD player of the digital amplifier adoption.
-This bale of the charge with built-in fold type speaker stand.

Sale in the end of September one by one

Standard price:Open price

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*** <Tel.> 03-3447-5335 (Tokyo)
*** <Tel.> 06-6394-8085 (Osaka)

Kenwood Corporation puts portable MD player “DMC-Q77" who packed up the charge with built-in the speaker stand of the fold type together on the market in the beginning of October. The price is an open price, and the shop forecast price is an expectation which becomes about 26,000 yen.

Moreover, “DMC-Q55" to which two kinds of unpleasant phons are attached and “DMC-Q33" of a standard model are announced. As for the price, the shop forecast price is both thought to be about 25,000 yen and about 20,000 yen respectively in the open price.

■ DMC-Q77

Portable MD player of MDLP correspondence which uses aluminum material for main body. In externals size, 72.3×78×14.1mm(width × interior taking × height), and weight is 64.8g(Only the main body :). The lineup does three colors (silver (-S) and blue (-L) and black (-B)). Thin remote control with the backing light of the Chinese character display correspondence is attached.

LP4 : the battery duration by the attached charge pond for 64 hours at 57 hours of 40 hours SP LP2. If the charge pond is used together with the AA alkali battery, the reproduction at 174 hours of 159 hours of 111 hours becomes possible.

It is said that a digital amplifier of maximum output 4.3mW×2ch is adopted, full and digital transmission of the signal is achieved, and the decrease and the energy-saving of the tone quality deterioration were achieved. In addition, “D.P.A.C." (digital pulse (*akushis*) control) function of reproducing music information more faithfully is installed.

Moreover, [it] equips it with “Digital3D effect" of expanding the sound scene. It is possible to use together with “Digital SOUND EQ" of the tone quality adjustment function, and the high pitched sound, the bass, and (*saraund*) can be combined arbitrarily.

The active stereo speaker of 35mW×2ch is built into the charge stand of the attachment. In addition, folding as a new departure became possible. The reproduction time in the stand is about the maximum ten hours.

Remote control can display two lines, and can select the display according to six kinds ("Tune number and reproduction time", "Disk name", "Name of a song", "Group name", "Reproduction mode", and “KENWOOD").

■ DMC-Q55

Model to which two kinds of headphones of inner unpleasant type and ear imposing type are attached. The color prepares three colors (silver (-S), blue (-L), and black (-B)). [It] differs from Q77, and an active speaker is not installed in the charge stand.

It is the same as Q77, and the battery duration is also common to the feature of this bale of installing a digital amplifier and Digital3D effect and two-line display remote controls. In externals size, 72.3×78×14.4mm(width × interior taking × height), and weight is 62.6g(Only the main body :).

■ DMC-Q33

Standard model by which Q55 and common body were adopted. Digital3D effect is not installed though a digital amplifier is adopted similarly. Moreover, attached remote control becomes a Chinese character display with non-correspondence. White (-W) and pink (-P) are prepared. The charge stand can be folded, and the speaker is non-installed.

LP4 : the battery duration for 57 hours at 52 hours of 36 hours in the charge pond of the attachment SP LP2. [It] comes to use the AA alkali battery together at 158 hours of 144 hours of 100 hours. Weight is 2.7g heavier though externals size is the same as Q55 with 64.3g(Only the main body :).

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【 three October, 2001】 Kenwood is a continuous reproduction portable MD player of about 153 hours.
-This charge stand bale model etc. equipped with stereo speaker/timer

(September 5, 2002)

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The latest news
【 six September 】
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SPE and DVD "(*men*) Inn black 2" is put on the market on November 20.

Sony is thin type AV amplifier of Dolby NR professional logic II/AAC correspondence.

Mastering software for (*dejion*) and DVD the first in the country audio

Exhibition of Japan music data and digital audition machine

HDD increase service of hybrid recorder “DMR-HS2" to Matsushita

Matsushita establishes "Panasonic center" at Tokyo and the wan morning moon.

[It] corresponded to (*pinakuru*) and the MICROMV form “Pinnacle Studio Version8".

Victor Company of Japan, Ltd. will shortly open the AV amplifier and the speaker of the announcement to the public because of the event.

Sanyo Electric develops OSD-LSI for the liquid crystal for the analog RGB output.

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"List on DVD sale day" Update information September 5

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【 five September 】

Kenwood is THX Select, and 6.1ch AV amplifier of the CS II correspondence.

Sony is 7.1ch AV amplifier of the DTS96/24 correspondence.

7.1ch AV amplifier in accordance with on Kiyo and THX Select

Kenwood is portable MD player of the digital amplifier adoption.

Chapter of DVD media price investigation Shinjuku

Kenwood is a video DVD audio/player equipped with 108MHz DAC.

TV capture PCI card equipped with MSA and hardware MPEG-2 encoder

Authoring software “CaptyDVD/VCD" for (*pikusera*) and Mac is put on the market on September 28.

The lacquer is painted and a small speaker equipped with (*arumoni*) and cannonball type (*tsuiita*).

【 four September 】
Weekly of 信良(unknown word) Kodera Electric Zooma.

Sony is 160GB HDD video recorder of the D1 output equipment.

Sony announces AV attention style “CoCoon" in the Broad strap age.

Marantz is new model 【 audio chapter 】 in autumn

Marantz is new model 【 AV amplifier/chapter of player DVD 】 in autumn

Marantz is new model 【 chapter B&W 】 in autumn

Marantz is DLP projector specialized to the DVD reproduction.

TV capture unit for (*esukeinet*) and first USB2.0

Matsushita is DV camera for the first 24P taking a picture in the industry.

Creative and player MP3/WMA's “NOMAD MuVo" 128MB versions

NEC Mitsubishi is 30 type business liquid crystal display of wide XGA panel adoption.

Software “B's Menuet" for BHA and mp3PRO is renewed.

"List on DVD sale day" Update information September 3

【 three September 】
Two DVD minicomponents of four (*supiikahsaraund*) adoption Kenwood

Direct sale beginning of creative and NOMAD Jukebox3 exclusive use dock

IBM is DLP data projector which adjusts the automatic operation as for brightness.

Study remote control software “ProntoLite" for Philips and Palm is opened to the public.

Real-time edit card for Hitachi measurement machine and Premiere “RT.X10"

The latest version of (*pegashis*) and “TMPGEnc PLUS" is opened to the public.

Sony is the latest firmware of outside putting DVD-RW drive.

(*kanohpus*) and the “WinDVD3.0" improvement data are opened to the public.

*** MD media of Cal cartridge adoption TDK and graph

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