Denon DN-M1050R


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Denon DN-M1050RProfessional MiniDisc Recorder/Player
Intro: 1

digital i/o: AES/EBU + SPDIF coax, analog i/o: AES (balanced) + RCA phono, serial i/o: rs232, parallel.483 X 132 X 297 mm, 6.9kg

Features: Synchro start with settable threshold, level sync track marking with settable threshold. Two modes for updating U-TOC: 1) manual: write U-TOC on eject, 2) auto: write U-TOC after every recording or edit. Editing functions include A-B erase, A-B insert [moves an A-B section to a point within another track (combines divide, move and combine)]. Cue points can be erased, rewritten or added to later. 11.6ms edit point accuracy. Undo function can undo 2 edit operations. Selectable/overridable SCMS codes. Keyboard with PS/2 connector may be attached for editing, recording, playback, program input, hot start, etc. Hot Start (w/optional ACD-26HM kit) for up to 20 tracks. Tracks can be loaded into Hot Start by detecting the Auto Cue level (-72/-66/-60/-54/-48/-42/-36 dB selectable in Preset mode). Sound can be loaded into Hot Start from any track location. Loaded tracks can be replaced with new tracks. Seamless Loop can be used during Hot Start playback. Jog/Shuttle wheel allows searches with 1 frame precision. Auto cue cues to point where audio starts (rather than start of track). Selectable -36 to -72dB auto cue level. End monitor button pressed in standby mode previews end of track. End of track alert (flashes in a selectable 0 to 30 seconds before end of track). Pitch control (+/-9.9% 0.1% step). Instant start (playback starts less than 0.01 seconds after play button is pressed). Optional sampling rate converter for input and output. SMPTE option. Video sync/word sync.

Links: Denon's information page for this unit. A Adobe Acrobat file on the unit from Denon Europe. Studio Sound has a review of the Denon DN-M1050R pro deck.

Specs: (A filter): 16 bit A/D Converter, 18 bit D/A Converter, THD: Playback: < 0.012%, Recording: < 0.02%. SNR Playback: > 92dB, Recording: > 84dB. Channel separation, Playback: > 86dB, Recording: > 80dB. Frequency response: 20-20kHz +/-1.0dB.


User Manual: DN-M1050R

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