Sony WX-C900MD

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Sony WX-C900MDIn-dash MD/CD/FM stereo
Intro: 4/1996
MSRP ¥128,000
Optical digital in178x100x171mm 2.5kg

Features: First double DIN size MD*CD+DSP+Equilizer audio master unit. DSP/7 Band graphic equalizer. Custom file for tone settings, input with rotary encoder. While looking at the display you can sequence through the control menu. Equipped with a "rotary commander" for safe operation while driving.

Specs: 5hz-20Khz S/N 104dB. Amp: 35W X 4. THD (CD) 0.007%. FM: 76.0-90.0 MHz, AM: 522kHz-1629kHz

Links: Sony page for this unit.


User Manuals: J, mounting J

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