Sony MDX-F5800


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Sony MDX-F5800In-dash AM/FM/UKW/MW/LW/MDLP player
Intro: 01/2004
Street: 300€
In: 3.5mm mini, for remote control, Out: preamp (2xRCA) (max 2V output). No aux input.178mmw, 50mmh, 181mmd


  • Supports MDLP
  • European band radio (AM/FM/UKW/MW/LW)
  • Wide bit stream
  • Repeat, shuffle functions
  • Changer control for external CD/MD changer with ID3 tag and CD-Text display.
  • Tuner Type: SSIR-EXA. Tuner features Automatic Bandwidth Control (?), Best Tuning Memory and RDS EON.
  • Amp: Dynamic Soundstage Organizer (DSOII), 3-Band equalizer, separate bass/treble controls.
  • Subwoofer switch, switches between rear and sub outputs.
  • 2 color display
  • IR sensor for remote control
  • Integrated 24hour clock
  • Removable front panel
  • Mute on incoming phone call
  • ISO connection
  • Operating angles 0-45 degrees
  • Optional Remotes: Infrared: RM-X114, Safety Commander (wired remote): RM-X45


Specs: Freq resp: 10-20kHz, SNR: 90dB. Amp: 4x27w DIN into 4 ohms.


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