Panasonic SJ-MJ78

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Panasonic SJ-MJ78Portable MDLP player
Intro: 3/2001

OUT: headphones71.5x78.5x12.7mm (73.1x80.3x15.5mm max w/protrusions), Body only: 62g (89g w/batt)

Features: Panasonic's first MDLP unit. World record breaking 104 hour battery life. Power cut alarm signals "pi-pi-pi-pi" for 2 seconds, 3 times, before power goes out.

Announcement commentary: (courtesy Leon) Audio section has identical spec to all Panasonic portables since the MR200 (3.5+3.5mW, 2-step S-XBS). Size is identical to the earlier MJ80 (12.7mm thick). Like the MJ80, it is possible to attach a hand strap to the MJ78. The MJ78 also has "smart change" (draws in disc when the lid is pushed closed, and one-touch eject). It seems that the MJ78 doesn't come with the charging stand - the specs say you need a separate adaptor in order to use AC power.

Links: Panasonic's Japanese press release for the unit (machine translation).

Specs: 3.5+3.5mW headphone amp.


User Manual: J

Battery LifePlayRecharge
NiMH24/32/39 hr3 hr
AA x 141/54/65 hr
Both65/86/104 hr

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