Kenwood M929

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Kenwood M929Multi control MD receiver
Intro: 3/2001
M929: 63,000
MZ929: 99,800
OUT: ?178W x 50H x 160D mm (1 DIN), 1.6kg

Features: MDLP compatible, built-in equalizer, time-delay control, electric slide panel, two-mode font display. Kenwood model MZ929 is additionally a multi control MD/CD receiver.

Links: Kenwood's official Japanese page for the M929. Kenwood's official Japanese page for the MZ929 (M929 variant with CD control). Kenwood's original Japanese press release mentioning the M929 and MZ929.

Specs: Maximum 45Wx4 output. 14.4V power-supply, FM frequency range 76-90MHz.


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