Kenwood KMD-PS971R

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All, DPX-9200WMP, KMD-673R, D401, 44, M929, f-MD7, RX-7780MD, KMD-C80, 71, D400, X92, PS970R, PS971R, DPX-9000MJ, KMD-870R, 671R, 860R, 42, 70R, X91

Kenwood KMD-PS971Rcar MD reciever
Intro: 12/1999
380UKP (list), 300UKP (street)

Features: MASK (self-hiding) removeable faceplate with MASK key lock system, DB Boost, Selectable key illumination (Amber or Green), CD Text with compatible changers, Multicolor dot-matrix display which adjusts to 3 angles, Bass Management System, DAB (digital radio) compatible with optional unit, remote control (RC-700) included.

Links: Edworthys UK has a page selling the unit.

Specs: CR2-K21 tuner, 4x45W maximum power.


User Manual: KMD-PS971R

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