Denon DN-M2300R

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Denon DN-M2300RPro use Dual MD deck
Intro: 2
MSRP $2200
IN: line (unbal) (drive 2), coax (drive 2). OUT: line (unbal), coax (one per drive), headphone (20mW).482 x 88 x 252mm, 6.3Kg

Features: Full range of pro-use features, including multi level undo (up to 2 prior to the current can be undone), pitch control and pitch bend. Deck 1 is play only, deck 2 is rec/play. A disc's program play order can be "remembered" by unit (for up to 3 MDs per drive). Copying between discs is real time (not ATRAC native), but track and disc names are copied too. Mono record capability. 16 bit ADC, 18 bit DAC.

Links: Denon's DJ equipment page that includes a detailed brochure (in PDF format). Harmony Central's page for the unit.

Specs: Freq. resp.: 20-20kHz +/-1dB, SNR: >92dB (playback, A filter), >84dB (recording, A filter), THD: <0.015% (playback, A filter), <0.02% (recording, A filter). Channel separation: >82dBs (playback, A filter), >78dB (recording, A filter)


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